Violet Red Agate Belt


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Made in Portugal, this belt, either in suede or nobuk, shows off a beautifully handcrafted irregularly shaped metal belt buckle with an oval Red Agate stone at its center. This stone is known for its protective qualities, shielding the wearer from negative energies and creating a stress free feeling in general. Alternate between wearing it at your hips or waist.

Available only in oxydized gold metal.

Comes in its own dust bag.

Strap Width 3,5cm | Buckle Size 8x6cm | Agate Size 50x35x8m

To buy just the belt buckle, choose the “no strap” in the size option and “without strap” in the strap option.

Watch the video bellow to learn how to change the belt buckle.

Being natural materials, some stones may be darker, brighter or reveal streaks.