Babash Design began its international adventure as a brand in January 2015. Babash, short for Elizabeth, was the designers mother's family nickname and epitomises a relaxed and stylish outlook on life and a very characteristic sense and vision of fashion and attitude. Both of which define the unique and exotic atmosphere which was breathed at her own home, in different countries, before they definitely established themselves in Portugal.

Aimed at women with an independent spirit, style and attitude, each bag has its own feel and specific personality, inspiring freedom and optimism and providing the ultimate finishing and differentiating touch to any look! Babash is an attitude...


Our love of stones and natural materials, as well as the belief of the meanings and properties that these have been known to possess throughout history, has given birth to our concept of Bags and Belts as Jewels, all of which are carefully handcrafted by skilled portuguese artisans. Such stones, used for their beauty and whispering qualities, are Agates (earth stones that come in a variety of colours, gentle, nourishing and strengthening), Tiger Eye (inspiring creativity and good judgement and bringing a more practical and compassionate reasoning to one's choices), Labradorite (known for its protective and shielding powers against the negativity and misfortunes of the world, bringing out the best and most positive aspects of human nature), Lapis Lazuli (a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, to be worn for all forms of deep communication, friendship and harmony), among many others.

These are stones that act as beautiful and we hope, effective charms in our lives. The result has been a collection, that reminisces past and present, travels and experiences with many cultures, although proudly maintaining the identity and roots of its birth place. Portugal's renown expertise in a variety of crafts is present in all the designs, producing unique pieces, full of character and originality.

Our Roots

The world is a source of inspiration !

Babash Design, whilst uniting unique pieces and inspiration from all over the world, is very proud of it's roots and of Portugal's traditions and craftsmanship. Peculiarities and treasures of our country that are reflected in all our products, produced by professional leather craftsmen and by master artisan jewellers and weavers. A detail from Thailand, a reminiscence from Argentina or Chile, an application from Afghanistan, a piece of craftsmanship from Kenya and who knows a sparkle from Turkey or India! The world is a source of inspiration ! Our travels with their colours and scents feed our senses and imagination. It is the interest in different cultures that gave birth to Babash Design. Made for women with a bohemian spirit and with a particular vision of life style, who value the personalisation of the subtle and explore the uniqueness of each piece.

The Portuguese spirit and landscape is present in all our collection…

These are details that complete the relaxed image and attitude. A touch of sophistication with Portuguese roots but anxious to explore new geographies with clutches and handbags that inspire optimism and freedom.

The result is our unique collection, that combines personality and elegance…

The idea emerges as a reaction to the standardisation of fashion and style, especially where accessories are concerned. In full economic crisis, they adopt the motto “depressed but well dressed” and decide to go ahead with their own brand where the clutches and handbags would stand out for their character, each one being in one way or another unique and original pieces. They decided all production would take place in Portugal but always with eyes wide open to the world, seeking inspiration in all its corners and presenting the differentiating compliment to the perfect look.